Hall Of Fame

pueblo_warriors_logoUpdated: 8/14/17

Mission Statement
The PHS Warrior Foundation Hall of Fame was established to recognize and honor alumni who, through their exceptional achievement, contribution, and service have brought honor to Pueblo High School, their chosen profession, and the community on a local, state, or national level. The selection of these distinguished individuals is intended to promote and encourage a tradition of excellence and achievement for current and future students within the Pueblo High School community.

Nominee Eligibility
1. Any former Pueblo High School student is eligible for nomination and selection into the Warrior Foundation Hall of Fame.
2. Alumni will be considered for induction into Warrior Foundation Hall of Fame 10 years after their class has graduated.
3. Nominee must demonstrate qualities of good character in word and action.
4. Nominee must have made outstanding contribution to society through their personal and professional pursuits.

Criteria for Selection
1. Outstanding accomplishments and contributions that have brought honor and distinction to Pueblo High School.
2. Distinguished achievement in chosen profession and / or public service.
3. Demonstrated leadership which has contributed to success and the quality of life for their community.

Nomination Process
1. All nominations must be submitted on an official nomination form available on the Pueblo High School Hall of Fame Committee website. See attachment or at http://www.phswarriorfoundation.org. One nomination per person per year.
2. Selection Committee shall screen and review all nominations and evaluate nominees by agreed upon process and standards and completeness.
3. After nomination review, nominee will be responsible for submitting required information for consideration to the selection committee for induction.
4. Submit application by mail or online:

Print Nomination Form & Submit by Mail:
PHS Hall of Fame Selection Committee
ATTN: Evangeline M. Dowling, PhD
10238 E. Desert Eden Place
Tucson, Arizona 85747

Submit Nomination Online:
Click Here

5. Deadline for nominations: Friday, Apri 1, 2017
6. The Selection Committee will accept Hall of Fame nominations at the beginning of each calendar year.


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