Hall Of Fame Committee

Updated: 1/31/19

Michael Fimbres (86)

Socorro Carrizosa (61)
Vice Chair

Bobby Castillo (66)

Thelma Gonzales (72)

Saturnino C. Santa Cruz (62)

Elizabeth Flores (89)

Richard Gastellum (61)

Oscar Romero

Debbie Felix (69)

Ana Maria Medina (87)

Rudy Valenzuela (62)

Todd Pearson (78)

Edward Gomez (68)

Roberto Acuña (61)


2 thoughts on “Hall Of Fame Committee

  1. Jean. A. Swanson

    I was in the wonderful 1st graduation class of 1957 of PUEBLO HIGH SCHOOL. I loved Pueblo, it has always been some of my most treasured memories. It is amazing to see how Pueblo has grown. I am proud to call Pueblo High School my alumni. If by chance there is a 60th reunion next year, I will surly want to know and plan to attend,if at all possible. Thank you for making this notice possible.
    Jean Zukowski(Thurber) Jean A. Swanson
    SWANSON. 1209 Hackney St.
    class of ’57’ Winfield,K’s.
    PS. I live in Winfield, Kansas



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