Luis Gustavo Mena, Class of 1981


Luis Gustavo Menamena_luisAn individual of multiple talents, Luis Gustavo Mena has led a life of professional excellence, community dedication and involvement. A true renaissance man. A Pueblo High School alumni, Luis studied at The Fashion Institute of Design, Fashion and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California. As a gifted artist he has produced award winning works in the professional and community arena, including muralism, bronze sculpture, oil painting, watercolor, photography, film and design. Important influences on Luis’ life were meeting and knowing both Ted DeGrazia of the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun and R.C. Gorman, a renowned Native American artist. His talents were recognized early on in his life and of which he was constantly nourished. His achievements, accomplishments, awards and honors are many and varied both on the national and international scene.

A small sampling includes: “The Five Points Nation Monument Bronze Sculpture and Arches” Tucson, Arizona (2015); “Barrio Viejo Fire Station Bronze Sculpture” (2008); “Joe Valdez Monument bronze sculpture” at the University of Arizona (2014); “Wynton Marsalis Fusion” Muralism Monument Oil Painting on Canvas, New York, Jazz Hall, Lincoln Center (2001); “Pueblo High School Mural Monument” (2011); “Geronimo” print, Districto Historico Casa Lohr, Districto Federal, Mexico City (1996); “Japanese Portraits” mixed media, Osaka, Japan (1989); “Mixteza Abstracto” , water color series, Liverpool, London (1986); LULAC Latino Arts Award-Best Muralist and Artist (2011); (1987-1997) President – Barrio Anita Association; Nominee, Arizona 27th Annual Governor’s Arts Award (2008).

Luis remains as an inspiration not only for his professional accomplishments and devotion to his community, but for his continued leadership, energy and focus that keeps moving us forward.

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